Top 5 Trackers For Pets (GPS)

If you are like our team, you go far and above the basic requirements for your dog. Our dogs give us the maximum love and companionship that we could ever request for, so what’s a little safety and security in return. These GPS tracking collars for dogs and cats add a little bit of extra safety and security for your four-legged friend in the event that they get lost. Take a look at these three good possibilities for animal trackers.

LED GPS collar

This is the most ideal pet gps tracker cat for the active dog lover. This LED gps cat collar will help keep both you and your pooch safe when walking at morning hours or after sundown. This dog tag tracker is waterproof, and can be personalized by having your pet’s name and info etched directly onto the mini gps tracker case. Not only is the light up gps tracking tags fantastic when you walk your dog, if your hound gets loose the dog tracking collar makes it easy to spot in the dark. This website provides a large selection on dog trackers and collars. To learn more, stop by their website.

Personalised dog tracking collar

Even if these custom-made dog tag tracker are great for every mutt, they look incredible on big dog breeds. These dog tag tracker are incredibly durable. While they might be more suited to breeds like Boxers, they look fantastic on tiny canines too. The electronics are made of brass.

The pet GPS tracker cat (sold in Australia)

This cat tracking collar may look common, but it is practical and useful. You can get your pooch’s name and your mobile number placed on it. Not only does this dog tracking collar immediately help folks know your pup’s name, yet it also gets rid of the requirement for an I.D. Tag. If you have a tail-wagger that likes to get messy this might just be a better option than something built from artificial leather or delicate fibers.

USB rechargeable hunting cat tracking collar

If you are crazy about hunting with your canine, this dog tracker is for you. The rabbit hound’s cat tracking collar comes in vivid colors that are convenient to spot. It also comes with a customized I.D. tag that will not make any racket. It is even scent free. This gps collar is also a fantastic choice if you like to explore the Australian outback.

Safety GPS cat collar by PawsGPS

These brightly-colored dog tracker app will help your pooch catch the eye in any situation. You can choose from five different colors, two sizes, and you can even customise the dog tag tracker cover.

Australian GPS tracker for dogs combo

If you really don’t want to change your pup’s collar, the pet gps is the most ideal option for you. This pet tracking device are solid and secure and great for active pups.


Glow In The Dark Collars

At For The Love of Dogs (Australia), we know that walking your pooch during the dark hours can be a stressful experience. One of the creators of the glowing collar was hospitalized after he was hit by a truck during a walk with his beautiful Greyhound. Luckily he pushed his bulldog to safety. The problem may have been prevented if he had something to get the motorists attention.

Each year many pedestrians are struck by cars in South Australia. That’s one person every 5 minutes. What an alarming statistic! We made the decision to create a line of LED dog collars and LED dog leashes that would enhance visibility and allow motorists to see pedestrians and pooches. As with almost every good idea, we searched all over the web and found that the glow in the dark collar already existed. We searched the market and found a couple of companies that made these amazing glowing dog collars, but they didn’t seem to take into account what pup owners wanted. The products on the Internet seemed low quality and not well constructed. We decided to ask pet owners what they liked or disliked about LED dog collars and discovered there was a big opportunity to design a company around the suggestions from pooch owners.

We opened a stand, surveyed people on the web, attended trade shows, spoke with retail stores and started a crowdfunding campaign to gather as much input as possible. We gathered hundreds of ideas and included the most common features people wanted. We intend to conduct this same extensive research for every new collar that For The Love of Dogs launches.

Dog owners wanted a cool design that appealed visually. Lots of people wanted to include reflective components with fibre optic lights to boost visibility. People wanted the lights to remain in place when the lead was attached. We asked about colours. We asked them about weight. We asked them about the battery pack. We inquired about the material. We asked about every single feasible aspect of the collars and leads so we could provide a product that people wanted. It was simple, ask people what they want and create the collar around their suggestions. Since no one else was willing to put time and effort into providing a collar and leash that pet lovers demanded, these company was born.


Greyhound Collars – Types and Uses

Greyhound collars are designed specifically for canines with heads that are smaller than their necks. These collars softly tighten against the dog’s neck if they pull, back up or spin around. It is typically used by greyhounds, whippets, and nervous dogs.

A greyhound collar is generally made out of fabric or nylon that creates a circle like the majority of collars but also has a semicircular shape on the back that is created by another section of the same Nylon fabric. The large loop of the collar fits around the canine’s neck and the much smaller loop lies at the back of the neck and has a D-ring which attaches to the lead. When relaxed, the collar fits loosely and keeps your canine comfy. But, when the canine tries to drag, the second loop tightens the fabric around the dog’s neck for a delicate no-pull effect.

Sighthound dog collars operate much the same way as a choke collar yet without metal against the dog’s skin. It also tends to incorporate a soft material or plastic to create the pull rather than a metallic chain.

Greyhound collars are definitely not as effective with bull necked dogs as they have less of an impact on the dog. But, unlike choke collars, martingales can be used on more delicate necked dogs like greyhounds but not advised for extremely small dogs. Martingales should also never be left on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

There are considerably much less critics of the greyhound collar in comparison to the pinch and choke collars. The softer fabric and lower pressure of the greyhound collar against a hounds neck is the reason for such a lower amount of critical remarks.

Increased risk of the dog choking when left without supervision while wearing a greyhound collar. This increased suffocating risk results from the fact that if the D-ring on the collar catches on something, the collar will tighten up and potentially suffocate the canine. But, when the collar fits properly and is used only periodically, the greyhound collar can be a very useful training solution.

For additional info visit For The Love of Dogs Australia (Source)

Flashing LED Pet Collar Light

This handy clip on led light is great for taking your dog on a night time walk. It has 3 settings, constant glow, fast flash, and slow flash, that are easily changeable. You simply click the light and it switches between the light modes. It is made of a good water proof silicone type material so you don’t have to stress about the weather. It comes with a battery which is convenient since batteries can be quite pricey depending on the type. When the time comes to replace the battery you just simply separate the plastic case and take out the LED light component, replace the battery, and assemble it back together. There are no complex clips or screws to remove making the replacement quick and simple. The only thing I would suggest is that the led light is not great for smaller pets since it is a bit on the bigger side. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Most canines don’t even realize the light is on as it is behind their line of sight and illuminates from the neck down and back. The light pendant has three settings: “Slow Flash”, “Fast Flash”, and “Steady Glow”. If you discover that your pup is irritated by the LED light, just simply avoid the flash mode and use the constant glow mode. Source:

How to Adopt a Dog From A to Z

Have you adopted a new dog? If yes, congratulations! Your day-to-day life is just about to change with more drama and exercises. Bringing a furry little friend home will be an amazing and a one-of-a-kind experience. However, the process can be a daunting one too, especially if you are a novice pet owner. Before you decide on adopting a dog (or any pet), you should be aware of effective training methods. From positive reinforcement strategies to clicker training, be familiar with a good training routine. Also, do some homework on nutrition and dog car. Visit website

How To Use A Martingale Dog Collar

Martingales are designed specifically for canines with heads that are smaller than their necks. These dog collars gently tighten against the dog’s neck if they pull, back up or spin around. They are typically worn by greyhounds, whippets, and nervous pups. A martingale collar is generally made out of fabric or nylon that creates a circle like the majority of collars but also has a semicircular shape on the back that is formed by an additional section of the same material. The larger sized loop of the collar fits around the dog’s neck and the much smaller loop lies at the back of the neck and has a D-ring which attaches to the lead. When relaxed, the collar fits loosely and keeps your dog comfortable. But, when the canine tries to drag, the second loop tightens the fabric around the canine’s neck for a smooth no-pull effect. Source:

Three Secrets About Greyhounds

Out of all of the dogs that we have ever seen, the greyhounds are definitely some of the challenging and most interesting breeds out there, aren’t they? They’re fast, smart, and independent, which makes them incredible for outdoors and hunting, but what about when it comes to taking care of your own greyhound in the commodity of your own home? In this article we will be unveiling you three major secrets that you won’t find anywhere else related to the greyhound breed. If you’re planning on getting one then read carefully, because these could help you a lot in the future! Read more @

Finding a Great Harness

Many Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to have some form of syringomyelia which can be triggered when your dog is a on a lead. Dog collars that go around the neck when attached to a leash can trigger a bought of scratching brought on by this disease. Thus the importance of having a good harness is crucial to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels owners to avoid irritation brought on by leashes and dog collars. Continue reading:

Light Up Dog Collars

Walking your dog during the dark hours can be a scary experience.  Each year, vehicles strike more than 40,000 pedestrians. That’s one person every minute, what an alarming fact! That’s why many companies created lines of collars and leashes that would enhance visibility and allow drivers to see pedestrians and pets. Like almost every great idea, it already existed. There where already many companies/brands that made reflective leads and reflective martingale collars but they didn’t seem to consider what pet owners wanted. The products on the market seemed low quality and not well built. Continue reading…

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